When the Time is Right to Replace Your Air Conditioner

As the temperatures begins to climb, people will be turning to their air conditioning systems in order to keep their homes and businesses as cool as possible. Usually, this is the best time to get your air conditioning system working in proper order. However, you may need to address the potential of having to replace your system, and this is where the experts at Enviro Air can come in handy.

Typically, if your air conditioner is over eight years of age and your air conditioner requires extensive repairs, you may find it more affordable and more convenient to simply have the air conditioning unit replaced rather than paying for expensive repairs. There are a number of reasons why this might be the proper course of action.

As stated before, from a standpoint of the affordability of repairs, it may be cheaper or close to the same cost to replace the air conditioner as it would be to have it repaired. In addition, there’s no telling what other repairs your older A/C unit may require in the future.


Another benefit when it comes to the financial aspects of repairing or replacing an air conditioner is the amount of money it’s going to cost to operate an older unit as opposed to a newer unit. One of the things you’re going to find with new units, even if the unit is comparable to what you currently have, is that newer units are going to be more energy-efficient. In fact, you can get new air conditioning units that are far superior when it comes to energy efficiency than units that were manufactured just five years ago. The more energy-efficient, the less money you are going to spend on energy bills.

Another thing to remember is that newer units will also cool your home or business much more effectively. So long as you have the right size unit for your home or business, you can expect quicker cool down periods and better performance out of a newer unit.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to replacing rather than repairing your old AC unit. If you need to know more about your options, it’s best to contact Enviro Air so that they can consult with you on the best option for your home or business.

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